With a Gift of at Least $25,000, You Can Create a Separate Named Endowment Fund

How Do We Use Your Gifts?

In choosing to create an endowment as part of your estate planning, you are investing in a bright Jewish future. Given the Jewish Federation’s in-depth knowledge of our local and global Jewish communities, and long-term relationships with national and international partners, there are so many ways to make an impact in any manner you choose for a wide variety of initiatives. You can be as broad or focused as you wish in creating a permanent fund at the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, and your forethought will ensure those causes about which you are passionate will continue to be supported far into the future.

Endowing Your Annual Campaign Gift

Each year, approximately $1 million of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia's Jewish Community Fund comes from two very important sources: Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowments (PACE) and Lion of Judah Endowments (LOJE).


If you make an annual gift to the Jewish Federation's Jewish Community Fund, you may want to consider creating an endowment that will fund that yearly gift for generations to come. You can set up a PACE, a permanent named endowment fund, with a minimum gift of $25,000.


A woman who is a Lion of Judah can endow her annual gift to Jewish Federation of $5,000 or more by establishing a LOJE, ensuring that her support for the Jewish community continues even after she is gone. A Lion of Judah creates an LOJE by establishing a minimum fund of $100,000 or more in her name during her lifetime or by putting a bequest in her will.

By endowing her gift, she joins a long honor roll of women who have elected to take this step to sustain Jewish life. A Lion may choose to enhance her Lion of Judah pin by adding a flame, known in Hebrew as or l'atid, to recognize this eternal commitment.

The Forever Lions: Endowing your gift through a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) Fund
The Forever Lions: Endowing your gift through a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) Fund

Creating an Unrestricted Fund

When you create an unrestricted fund, the annual distributions from the fund will be used to further the Jewish Federation’s work from year to year—far into the future. This gift will help to meet the critical and ever-changing needs of our Jewish communities, now and for later generations. You can instruct that your gift be added to the Jewish Federation’s Unrestricted Endowment Fund or create an unrestricted fund in your name, in honor of your family, or in memory of a loved one.

Special-Purpose Fund

When you create a special-purpose fund, it is for a particular cause or interest close to your heart—such as education, older adult care, needs in Israel, cultural affairs, or care of vulnerable populations. You may also endow a specific program or establish the fund to make an annual distribution to a Jewish organization or synagogue of your choice. The Jewish Federation has the experience to work with you to define the specific purpose of your investment in order for it to make the greatest possible impact.

You may also designate that your gift of less than $25,000 be added to one of the following existing special purpose funds:

  • Allied Fund (makes a yearly distribution to the annual campaign)
  • Emergency and Emerging Needs Fund
  • Fund for Services to Children
  • Fund for Services to the Elderly
  • Fund for Israel
  • Fund for Jews at Risk

There are also named funds for specific agencies, Jewish Education, Jewish Camping, lsrael Travel, Day School Scholarships, Special Needs, Jewish Poor and Holocaust education to which your gift could be added.

Ways to Make a Planned Gift

There are a number of different vehicles through which you can make a planned gift or endowment. A philanthropic advisor from the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia can be your partner in planning a legacy gift that is consistent with your other estate plans and can show you how to structure your gift to benefit from tax and other advantages.

The Impact of Your Gift

In a vibrant community each generation plans and builds for the next, making sure the foundations of Jewish life are strong and can respond to evolving needs. When you leave resources to the Jewish Federation in your estate plan, you join this chain of builders.

Creating your own Jewish legacy ensures not only that you will be remembered but that your work—and your values—will continue on after your lifetime. It demonstrates to your loved ones your commitment to the Jewish community and to the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, through which so many lives are touched. In our work to serve vulnerable populations, provide opportunities for community engagement, and nurture rich Jewish life and learning, we are proud to partner with those individuals and families who share these values through leadership giving. With a legacy gift, you make a true difference.


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